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Indian South Actress Sona

According to Brava, LLC, the developer of the BRAVA System, the system is scientifically engineered and tested to offer a nonsurgical method for providing 'gradual and lasting breast tissue growth without surgery or the use of medications.

BRAVA's website says it's system is "based on the medical principle of tension-induced growth" which activates your body's production of new breast tissue. The system looks like a high-tech sports bra. But what's different about this bra is that it is includes a microprocessor called a SmartBox that regulates and records the action and performance of the system; it also includes plastic domes which must be worn a minimum of ten hours a day for at least ten weeks. The average cost for the system, which promises an increase of one cup size, is $2500 (about half the cost of implant surgery).

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