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Migraine Changes English Woman's Accent
Sarah Colwill, a 35-year-old Plymouth, England woman, frequently suffers from migraine headaches. Recently her migraine was so severe that she had to summon an ambulance to take her to the hospital. The paramedic who took her to the hospital noticed the woman seemed to have a Chinese accent, according to the Daily Mail.

When Sarah woke up in the hospital after her latest migraine, her voice sounded different. She spoke in a higher tone with a Chinese accent. Sarah had never even been to China, she could not understand the changes to her voice.

Doctors say Sarah suffers from a rare disorder called Foreign Accent Syndrome. The syndrome is caused by brain damage, such as occurs during a stroke. Treatment often successfully returns the patient's original accent; however, it's a lengthy process that involves intense speech therapy.

For now, Sarah must deal with friends and family who think they are receiving crank phone calls when she calls them. Hopefully, she will not have to suffer with this for too long.

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